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Episode 9.5 – VidCast

January 16th, 2006 by Martha

Studio Revision 3

Here’s a quick video from this morning. I did a quick tour of the studio as a replacement for the podcast we lost last night. The audio output looked fine on the new setup, and I didn’t think it warranted a check.

Unfortunately, I was dead wrong. One set of cables I bought to hookup the new compressor limiter created a ground loop. This cause a massive hum which made the audio completely unlistenable.

Since I haven’t remembered to mention PodcasterCon at all in the last several Podcasts I felt the need to get something out to our listeners and friends. We’ll be back on the mics tonight and getting you all something for your ears.

In the mean time, check out this video, the new studio setup, and PodcasterCon!.

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