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ADD Cast Number 18 – RONALIN

March 12th, 2006 by pfischer

With Martha Holloway, Ronnie Blackwell, and Lin Harper

  • Email us if you want a smaller file setup so you can get it over seas.
  • Dr Lin Harper
  • Author Ron Blackwell
  • No bottle noise tonight
  • Wild Goose Oatmeal Stout. Kanga’s Leap Shiraz, Dominion Lager
  • We’re full of sushi tonight
  • Escapees from University of SOUTHERN Mississippi
  • When work is done. Bug out of work even if there are fires being put out by others
  • We have formed a production company, Dancing Cat Studios
  • We are performing Ron’s book, Serve It Cold (available at Lulu and Amazon)
  • We will be releasing it on Podiobooks.com when it’s ready
  • Why we’re doing a “no burp” show
  • Donate Blood!
  • Hurricane Katrina talk – The eye of the storm went over Hattiesburg, MS where Ron & Lin live
  • Their 4′ diameter pecan tree was blowing like a willow in the wind
  • A tree hit their house and almost hit Barry
  • Barry’s girlfriend Georgia did our new logo
  • We need to put Ron in a room with Tee Morris for 8 hours
  • Our shameless self promotion episode
  • http://www.usm.edu/de – Lin’s Distance Education website
  • I may not be an RF engineer, but I podcast and I’m better looking
  • Lin talks about self promotion
  • Ron is laconic
  • Martha’s math joke of the week. Well… mostly
  • The myth of Julie’s cat Stella
  • All Ron’s books
  • The hole in their roof is Gods way of telling them to get a skylight
  • Sex, Drugs, and The Cradle of Rock and Roll
  • What’s your first book, Ron?
  • Ron talks about writing and living in the world he writes
  • The difference between living in a world and being the gate keeper to that world
  • Paul’s flashback to 7th grade English class with Mrs. Barbour

Music: Take You To The Well, by Tempest

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2 responses about “ADD Cast Number 18 – RONALIN”

  1. Brooklyn Bluesman said:

    Dang between Martha and Lin I had a southern gal epiphany. Like some maple sugar in my grits with fresh butter. And quit hitting the mic- or is that an ADD thing?

  2. hugh said:

    If they were all in the luxurious studio high atop Tyson’s Corner, it’s because there’s not room for 4 people *and* the microphone stands. A certain person’s massive rack doesn’t help matters.