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Stranger Than Fiction

August 28th, 2006 by pfischer

Saw a great panel at WorldCon on stuff too weird for Sci-Fi. If I wrote this in a story no one would believe it.

Saturday night I’m covering the Hugo Award Nominees Party (a.k.a. The Hugo Losers Party) when I almost make an ass out of myself. I blew my introduction to David Brin but I made a nice recovery. I had the honor of introducing Mr. Brin to Vint Cerf (one of The Fathers of The Internet) at Bucconeer in 1998. Recalling this to Mr. Brin was the only thing that kept me from looking like a fool. Mr. Brin mentioned that he had been trying to get back in touch with Mr. Cerf but didn’t have his new email, as he moved from MCI to Google. In my new job, I’ve met some people at Google, so I figure I have a shot at it, and offer to help reestablish the connection.

Sunday night we get off the plane. Luggage is taking forever so Martha goes to get The Famous Blue Prius while I await bags. 50 minutes later the bags arrive and I’m waiting at Door 6 of Dulles for her to pull up. At this point I’m steamed. I’m cranky and hungry. I’m pissed that the luggage took so long. I’m pissed that getting the car is taking so long. I’m trying to chill out and get my Zen back, when a Jag pulls up to the curb right in front of me. “Oh great, now Martha won’t be able to see me when she gets here.”

Who walks up and starts loading bags into his car? If you guessed Vint Cerf, give yourself a prize!

Weirder than fiction I know. But I had a very quick handshake with Vint and got his new email address for David Brin.

Song for today: Synchronicity by the Police (Another suburban family morning / Grandmother screaming at the wall )

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2 responses about “Stranger Than Fiction”

  1. Martha said:

    …and then as he was hauling our luggage off the carousel at Dulles on the way home, Paul saw Vint Cerf hauling his luggage off the same carousel, went over, intruduced himself as the person who had introduced Vint to David Brin back in ’98 and was rewarded with contact information to pass on to David.

  2. Martha said:

    Zut! Alors! Curse the loss of my reading glasses on this last trip. I can hardly see let alone read!