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Help us get out the word on Man vs. Child

March 8th, 2007 by pfischer

Please head over to Digg and PopCurrent and vote for Man vs. Child.

We also need votes on Lulu.tv.

All of these sites require you to register before you can vote.

To vote on Digg, click the blue “digg it” text on the left side of the story. The yellow box tells you how many other people have dugg it.

Voting on PopCurrent is much the same. Click on the blue box that counts the number of pops.

Voting on Lulu.tv is different. You need to find the orange on black “make favorite” text on the right. Then, you should get a slider bar above saying “click here to rate”. Clicking as close to the right side as you can will give us the highest possible rating. This isn’t always easy, the bar turns green as you move to the right. The more green you can get the better, but don’t obsess.

Digg Link

PopCurrent Link

Lulu TV Link

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