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Episode 3 – LaundryCast 3

January 15th, 2006 by Martha



  • Happy Anniversary to us! Twelve years and still going strong.
  • Tonight’s drunk is provided by Kanga’s Leap Shiraz.
  • Yet another laundry cast.



  • OMFG! Someone drinking wine on a podcast!
  • Acquiring a taste for wine.
  • Lots of technical difficulties with the new layout.
  • On the road in Texas. Next week in San Jose.
  • Dropping in on The Dragon Page next weekend
  • Moving the mic stand to my leg made a big improvement in audio quality
  • Pawn Shops not Porn Shops! Get your head out of the gutter.
  • Thoughts on why there is always lots of audio equipment in a pawn shop.
  • Email us at addcast@gmail.com and we’ll send you a free cable.
  • What is that hum we’re hearing? The washing machine.
  • That’s UNIX not Eunuchs.
  • The MAC addiction.
  • My name is Paul and I am a Macintosh addict.
  • Keep your tits out of the food.
  • You must accept that you have a problem. That is the first step.
  • The evil of the Pontiac Aztek. It’s the ugly offspring of a mini van and an SUV.
  • The math of winning an Aztek.
  • Pause 2. The sister-in-law… Julia
  • We both drive Prius’s now. Or would that be Prii?
  • 58 MPG. Suck it, Biotch!
  • I give the finger to all H1, H2, and SUV drivers.
  • More WINE!
  • Out of Africa
  • The refinishing of the Master Bath. Update 1.
    • Two contractors. No bids.
  • We mind control our audience.
  • Our new mixer is on it’s way.
  • The story of the Numark mixer. Follow Up: It wasn’t their fault. See next
  • The other mixer! Ah Ha! The amazing discount I was able to get on it. My
    New Mixer
  • Your new culinary treat! Boom Meringue.
    • The creative commons license for our new treat.
    • No commercial reuse without paying us for it.
    • Boom Meringue Pie! Recipe under development
  • The end of the laundry. Spin Cycle. Woo Hoo. Clean clothes.
  • Oh! By the way. I’m an idiot. My 7am flight was on Tuesday morning not Monday morning.
  • ADD Drug meds need to be adjusted.
  • Martha’s own side effects problem.
  • The Numark picks up a radio station again. Grrrr!

Music by Taxi Doll and Jonathan Coulton.
Waiting by Taxi Doll.
I Feel Fantastic by Jonathan Coulton.

Here are some pictures I shot during the week of 9/12 in Corpus Christi, TX. Click on the picture for a larger imageGreatBlueHeronsFight

Two Great Blue Herons fight over feeding grounds.


A Sand Piper feeds on the shore.


Awesome! I managed to capture a Barn Swallow in flight.


A Caspian Tern hovers in search of a meal.

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