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Episode 7 – LaundryCast 3

January 16th, 2006 by Martha

  • The beer returns to the ADD Cast.
  • Firing military grade weapons. The cops have me as a guest at their private firing range.
  • Don’t piss off the cops by shooting Turkey Vultures.
  • Modern guns fire magazines not clips.

  • Woken up by my sister-in-law at 5am. She’s stressed. Her car got stolen.
  • Frank’s car gets stolen on April 1.
  • We prepare for identity theft.
  • We love our Prius’s. Or would that be Prii?
  • We’ve sold more than 10 Toyota Prius’s and we want someone to start paying us for all our Prius love.
  • No math jokes today.
  • Music by Bottomland. This week’s track is Ah Jua.

Click on a picture to see it large.
Shot 1. Check the dust getting kicked up by the .223 rounds.
At a secret location in the California hills, I got my first lesson in how to fire an assault rifle. The weapon is a CAR-15, the civilian version of the M-16.

Check out the flying brass.
In this shot you can see the brass flying. Compare it to the one on the left and you’ll see it’s in sequence, but we saw the brass moving through the air.

Captain Dave give me lessions on the assault rifle.
Police Captain Dave R. instructs me in the proper stance and grip of the CAR-15. Not to mention proper range etiquette and safety. Always point the weapon down range. Always handle the weapon as if it is loaded. If the weapon jams wait for assistance from the range master. Don’t Shoot The Turkey Vultures!

Check out my target.
My target is proof that even an IT contractor can learn to shoot well. I won’t be applying for a position with the SWAT team any time soon. Nor will I be winning any marksmanship contests. But if I need to hit someone, I will be able to make the shot.

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