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Episode 12 – PodcasterCon2006 – Special Edition

January 16th, 2006 by Martha

PodcasterCon2006 Special Edition – Click to listen. Right Click and choose “Download Link” or “Save Target As” to download to your system.
– With: Paul Fischer , Martha Holloway, Lee Murdock, Steve Eley – Escape Pod, Rob Walch – Podcast 411, and Hugh Bracket – Illudium

  • We have some audio from dinner. I’ll try to clean it up and release it.
  • The annoying background conversation filter.
  • Down to the prostate.
  • The girl to guy ratio. Women in Podcasting seminar.
  • The copyright seminar. Just say no to Coldplay.
  • The costs of playing RIAA licensed music are around $0.10 per download.
  • ADD drugs. The Cylert drug recall from two points of view.
  • My liver problems with Cylert. I loved being on Cylert
  • Rob and Steve talk about the morning session, The 411 of Podcasting.
  • We’re wearing our “Get, Explicit, Subscribe” T-Shirts from our Cafe Press store.
  • How much money we’ve made on Amazon and Cafe Press.
  • Martha and I talk about our Advanced Podcasting session.
  • Rob wants us to put a picture of our gear rack on ratemyrack.com.
  • It was only intimidating for about 5 minutes. Two and a half hours went by really quick.
  • Pee Popper Stoppers, are what we call them down here at the “Smutty Charms” “Techno Darwinism on Crystal Meth” end of the pool.
  • The great Winer book controversy.
  • How PodcasterCon collapsed under the weight of commercialism (in Dave Winer’s mind only).
  • How Sci-Fi cons differ from PodcasterCon. Everyone was great and I really felt the love.
  • Re-beer. Rob drops the Stoud’s Tribble on me. It’s all down hill for me from here.
  • Women in Podcasting session lead by Mur Lafferty.
  • “Look at His Butt” podcast
  • William Shatner as Alexander the Great.
  • Numbers of women in Blogging vs. Podcasting.
  • Hugh lived every geek’s dream: He got to be alone in a car with Mur Lafferty.
  • The “Wired” article on “Women in Podcasting” was full of crap.
  • “Podcast your passion”
  • “Ticks of the Podcast Masters” out in June on Que Publishers. By Rob Walch and Mur Lafferty.
  • The incredibly low asshole quotient. No one smelled bad either.
  • Podcasters are uniformly wonderful people and we deserve your admiration and your cash.
  • The evening sessions: “The Gear Between Your Ears” lead by Steve. “Storytelling” lead by Patrick Mclean
  • TV doesn’t pay well enough so I got into Podcasting, cause that’s where the real money is.
  • Hugh’s struggle to become cash flow positive.
  • Podcasting is a hobby, but only podcasters seem to be hung up on making money.
  • In 2006, Martha and I will be doing a Podio Book podcast of Ronnie Blackwell’s book, Serve It Cold.
  • Rob’s problems doing female voices for Escape Pod.
  • Escape Pod is whoring for Hugo Award Nominations. They’re holding a vote on their website for best story of 2005.
  • WorldCon is in Anaheim, CA this year.
  • The WorldCon/DragonCon mambo.
  • WorldCon and Balticon are the places to be if you read Sci-Fi.
  • The 2007 WorldCon will be in Japan. Rob thinks we should do WorldCon first and meet some locals.
  • Rob’s interview with Wichita Rutherford.
  • Brian Ibbott from Coverville is the nicest guy in the world. He is so awesome.
  • Lee is Leo Laporte’s evil twin brother.
  • Leo is the nicest guy too. Rob met him at the Portable Media Expo.
  • Hugh’s experience setting up A Broadcaster’s Christmas Carol.
  • Mark Foreman, in Taiwan, should be able to make it to 2007 WorldCon. Getting A Leg Up podcast. Legup.Blogspot.com
  • Dave Slusher from Evil Genius Chronicles couldn’t make it either. I really wanted to meet him.
  • One more XLR cable would have saved me about 10 hours of work editing this podcast.
  • Last words.
  • 2 + 2 = 5

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