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ID3 Tagger by Paul Fischer

July 8th, 2006 by pfischer

I have created a simple ID3 Tag editor in Automator.

It’s Mac OS X only. You need Automator and iTunes.

It sets many common ID3 tags in your MP3 files automatically.

It’s Free. Enjoy it.

ID3 Tagger by Paul Fischer

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5 responses about “ID3 Tagger by Paul Fischer”

  1. Podiobooker » Blog Archive » Paul Fisher’s “Mac Daddy” tool said:

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  2. Jason Tucker said:

    There are 2 missing components to this, Lyrics and Artwork. Can either of these be done?

    I typically use Lyrics for my shownotes and well, the artwork for my episode art.

    BTW, I found your site via Typical Mac User where Tee was talking about this ID3 tagger automator.

  3. pfischer said:


    Thanks for the comment. I don’t know about Lyrics, but there is a C program which will do it. ID3 Tagger is a very simple script. I haven’t programmed in years, but I bet we could build one if we got some specs together.

    Thanks for letting me know where you found out about my site. I’ll have to send Victor a thanks.

  4. atkusz said:


    Thanks! It’s very good. You can help me for create a little action? I need an action to set a song name. I create a little workflow this is download a file every week and rename it to the date actually. I want to set a song name the same date. Can you help me? Thanks.


    P.s.: Sorry, i don’t speak good in english.

  5. pfischer said:


    I’d love to help, but I’m really not the accomplished at programming, even in Automator. Let me look at Automator’s options…

    I could do it in a shell script and then use Automator to call the shell script. Then maybe call the Automator script from Calendar.

    OK, you can do it with Automator calling Safari to download the file.

    Actually, I think I can do this…

    I’m trying something now…

    Whoopie! Took me all of 15 minutes to figure out.

    Here’s the file.

    1) Download file
    2) Put edit the workflow “Download Through Safari” box to download the files you want. You may also want to change the directory the file gets moved into
    3) Run it once to get the file to download (it will not run correctly, but you need to do this to get the file in the proper directory on your machine)
    4) Edit the “Select file” box to select the file you just downloaded.
    5) Edit the “Rename File” box if you don’t like the options I chose.
    6) save as an application and run it.

    If it works, then run iCal ( a.k.a. Apple’s built-in calendar program). Add a repeating weekly event just like the one shown in the .jpg file included in the .zip file.

    Good Luck and enjoy