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ADD Cast 30 – War on Xmas Clip Show

December 22nd, 2006 by pfischer

From High Atop The Brooklyn Bridge Marriott!

  • Recording from my hotel room. Laptop mic on my Macbook Pro
  • Exposing some of the bullshit that is “The War on Christmas” or TWoC
  • CLIP: Dave Slusher from The Evil Genius Chronicles gives his take on TWoC
  • SONG: Jesus was a Dreidel Spinner by Jill Sobule
  • Voice Mail
  • CLIP: Conestoga Podcast interview with author James P. Hogan talking about religious persecution in science.
  • CLIP: Paul reads part of an article “The ‘War on Christmas’ is surprisingly lucrative” from The Carpet Bagger Report
  • CLIP: Paul talks about a new podcast for 2007 during the Northern Virginia Podcasters Group holiday party
  • Find out more about the Northern Virginia Podcasters at Meetup.com
  • The new podcast will be a one to two minute weekly podcast by Paul’s alter ego, Duckboy Bottomfeeder. The focus will be how to save money and have less commercialism in your life.
  • Paul hints at another new podcast for 2007. This one is still top secret but will be co-hosted by Martha.

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