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ADD Cast 31 – Interview with J.R. Blackwell and Essay: “Friends, Changing, and Time”

February 1st, 2007 by pfischer

From Raleigh NC and The Brooklyn Bridge Marriott!

    Segment 1

  • from Raleigh, NC Friday morning
  • Pressing breasts against Paul’s head
  • Dinner with Mur, Jim, and Fiona Wed night
  • Norovirus attack Thursday morning
  • Martha is flying down Friday night
  • The folks in NC are really excellent
  • Joe Murphy is in surgery as I’m recording
  • Call Joe and wish him well. The number is 206-202-5179. It will only take you a few minutes.
  • PROMO: TD-0013 MS Walk
  • PROMO: Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing SwordSegment 2
  • Interview with author J.R. Blackwell (The naughty bits)
  • Press your breasts against my face
  • Geek women kick ass, they already have the costumes
  • REJOINER: Mark Forman
  • PROMO: Spherical TomiSegment 3
  • from NYC 1/30/07
  • Paul’s bad rendition of Hall and Oats, Adult Education
  • Essay: Friends, Changing, and Time
  • Arkham Horror
  • Podcasting’s Rich Sigfrit
  • Christiana Ellis
  • Jason and Ren
  • Why are Paul’s private parts part of every gaming event?
  • Paul’s bad imitation of the Queen
  • Mur and Jim’s neurotic dog
  • I bet the Navy wishes they had dinosaurs on their aircraft carriers
  • I was supposed to see Jonathan Coulton with Jack Mangan
  • The Norovirus rant – wash your damn hands! CDC Link 1. CDC Link 2.
  • End Music by George Hrab, Brains Body Both

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1 response about “ADD Cast 31 – Interview with J.R. Blackwell and Essay: “Friends, Changing, and Time””

  1. HellZiggy said:

    So I finally did the WordPress registration so I can leave comments & stuff instead of sending an email of my random thoughts as I listen to the show. 🙂

    Ick! Like I said on LJ, I’ve been obsessive about washing my hands this winter. It is disturbing how many people wash their hands in less than 15 seconds after using the bathroom here at work. eek!

    My friend in Chicago that got it probably picked it up at his retail job. His wife didn’t get it, which is a VERY good thing. She works for the city of Chicago Public Health Dept and give lectures on how to avoid it. If she had gotten it from her husband her co-workers would have razzed the hell out of her! I was just happy to hear about the 48 hour incubation since Simon got it about 4 days after they returned home from visiting Mpls.

    Those two are some of my favorite examples of why the Intarwebs are a Very Good Thing! We “met” Simon & Nicky on Live Journal and then last August they travelled to Minneapolis with the excuse of going to a Jasper Fford book signing, but mostly to meet their LJ peeps. (Fford was signing in Milwaukee, *much* closer to Chicago).

    Within the first hour of meeting these strangers it was more like seeing old friends we hadn’t seen in a while. They planned their second trip here this last January almost right away on returning to Chicago in August, and now that they are gone again hubby & I have already scheduled a trip to see them.

    Hmm. Rambled off topic already… Nope, no ADD here!

    Back to the podcast…

    Re: friendships, old & new
    Hee hee! Guess I wasn’t rambling after all since the podcast moved on to the topic of old and new friends. Yes, I love my internet friends. I need to win the lottery though because I have a friend in England and a friend in Iceland that I would dearly love to meet in real life!

    Old friends: When me & Rick were in California last fall we stayed with my friend Kerry. She is one of my best friends and we’ve been friends since high school. In fact, it is her fault that I never read MacBeth. Teacher shouldn’t have let us sit together! While we were out there she had the realization that our friendship is now old enough to drink. I think that is an important milestone because to maintain a friendship for 21 years says a lot.

    I also have one of those high school friends where I’ve changed, but she hasn’t. Another one of those 21+ year friendships. She’ll always be my friend, but even though she’s here in Mpls, I really don’t see her much more than the California friend. She’s very nice, but we don’t have a lot in common. I was a bridesmaid in her wedding last spring. The dress was pink! It was also essentially the same dress/wedding/decorations/etc. that she would have had if she had gotten married 20 years ago. Both friendships are important to me, but I definitely value one of them more.

    Re: Alton Brown
    Alton Brown love! I got to meet him when he was here for a book tour. My stuffed Moose also got to meet him. The pic is here:
    If you browse through that album you’ll also find Moose with Hodgson and with Coulton. 🙂 Moose loves his geeks.

    Re: Paul’s meat
    I will never be able to talk fondly about “Paul’s meat.” Nothing against you (or your meat) personally. It’s just that my baby brother’s name is Paul and so that just lends a whole level of EWWWWWWWWW to the idea. 🙂

    Well, podcast is done, and I’m supposed to be working, so I’ll catch ya next time!

    Sharon, the ADD girl.