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ADD Cast 33 – Interview with Jonathan Coulton and Paul & Storm

March 17th, 2007 by pfischer

From Vienna, VA!
Jonathan Coulton and Paul and Storm at Jammin’ Java, Vienna, VA.

Thomas, The Command Line Podcast
Marc & Heather, GrailWolf Podcast
Hugh, Illudium Podcast
Beth, DancingCat Studios

Special treat coming soon: PDF file of a novel by someone you already know.

Man vs. Child – check it out! We make fun of Bear Grylls’ Man vs. Wild and survive! Tee Morris survives a day alone with his two-year-old daughter. Lions and tigers and toddlers! Oh my! ManVsChild.com

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This is what happens when Paul is off his meds—both for the interview and when he recorded the intro. You can tell, can’t you?

Creative Commons for the show

Promo: Daily Source Code

The ADD cast—tangents allowed—just go with it!
The first time JoCo came to Vienna was bipolar night at Jammin’ Java
Paul and Storm: Progressive folk duo or worth listening to?
Da Vinci’s Notebook on a public stage for the first time in years
Song: Da Vinci’s Notebook “Enormous Penis”
Curious about relative sizes? It’s a Voltron penis—don’t ask
Da Vinci’s Notebook now doing corporate work
Limit supply—demand goes up. One concert every 30 years and make a million bucks. At least that’s the theory.

JoCo: Learning to play Thing a week songs
Song: Jonathan Coulton “Mr. Fancy Pants”

Promo: Ubercon Great Lakes
Jonathan Coulton & The Creepy Dolls
Writing? Learning to play live and be a live performer
No pressure, no pressure
The JoCo Internet video phenomenon
If you could ask one thing of your fans, e.g., underwear outside pants? Please don’t ask Jonathan how to get to the venue
Venue: When a musician and audience love each other very much sometimes they get together and hug….
JoCo is not polyamorous—please stop asking. The last monamorous person in the country.
Opening Band—The opening band doesn’t get any respect. The great throwing of panties—the dream of most musicians. 8-9 pairs have been thrown so far. 6 pairs, disappointingly enough, have been thrown by guys and have not been alluring at all. Please: sexy ladies panties/sexy mens panties even. Fortunately for all concerned, Paul Fischer couldn’t find his thong that night.

Song: Paul & Storm “Opening Band”
We don’t know where Storm was going halfway through the live version when Paul was heading for the bridge….The panties must have been a little too distracting.

All music from Paul & Storm is Creative Commons.
The website has been retooled to be more Coultonic.
Popsci.com podcast.
If P&S did a magazine podcast, who would they do it for: Omni Magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, Cracked podcast.

Song: Jonathan Coulton “Feel Fantastic”

Thanks for listening!
Show Notes by Martha

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