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ADD Cast 039 – Paul’s Pulled Pork Party 2

June 11th, 2007 by pfischer

Guests include:


  • Balticon
  • East coast people aren’t assholes
  • The beers we love
  • We want to be the East Coast Winging It
  • Remove deck, replace, add hot tub! Tub Party!
  • Northern Virginia Bamboo has rat DNA in it
  • Sensibility = Wife
  • Bring me the head of Mur Lafferty and Jason Adams (son of Grizzly Adams)
  • The EvoTerra WoW character
  • Favorite Balticon event: The Michael and Evo Roast
  • Christiana Ellis kicked ass at the roast
  • George Hrab ain’t coming back down without his pants
  • Promo: Heaven by Mur Lafferty
  • Promo: Tag in the Seam
  • Long promos so people can pay the rent on beer
  • The vertical DMZ. Adults upstair, children downstairs
  • Evo and Sheila see dead people: Bodies
  • Organ Donor: Check!
  • Nasty Beer smells like …
  • 60+ podcasters at Balticon
  • Signs
  • Music: Black Motor Cycle Boots by Michelle Malone

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4 responses about “ADD Cast 039 – Paul’s Pulled Pork Party 2”

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  2. Curnir said:

    The WoW character named Evoterra is now level 48

  3. Lin said:

    Did you guys make it to the body exhibit? Details, please?!

  4. pfischer said:

    Never made it to the exhibit. Sorry. Very busy with projects. Currently drained of all energy.