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ADD Cast 041 – The Tee Morris Bunker Buster

June 27th, 2007 by pfischer

Podcasting from Tee Morris‘s Bunker

  • The Gift
  • Man vs. Child 2: The Birthday Party
  • Calling out George Hrab
  • Paul’s week sucked, but it was nothing compared to Tee’s week
  • Michelle Malone is coming to Jammin’ Java in Vienna, VA
  • SONG: Avalon by Michelle Malone. From the album Home Grown
  • PROMO: Give Us A Minute, the Joe Murphy Memorial Fund Podcast
  • PROMO: Parsec Awards
  • Memories of Farpoint Convention and Balticon
  • Memories of the Harve Bennett interview
  • Kirk vs Piccard in the movies, or rather Shatner vs Stewart
  • Spiderman 3: It doesn’t suck
  • Paul’s love of Spiderman 1 & 2
  • Martha’s take on Spiderman 3
  • PROMO: Crescent
  • PROMO: Tag in the Seam
  • We’re so unprofessional
  • Tee plays with the cart software
  • This Week in Drama
  • Paul is angry. Personal attacks are dead wrong
  • Ask the Magic 8 Ball
  • More memories of Balticon 41
  • Tee Morris can jump
  • Color Paul dumb and dumber
  • Carry and the twins
  • August Trometer’s interview on Typical Mac User
  • Beth Wojiski is awesome
  • The coffee war
  • Michelle Malone is playing at Jammin Java in Vienna on July 11 – Buy Tickets Here!

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5 responses about “ADD Cast 041 – The Tee Morris Bunker Buster”

  1. Victor said:

    Thanks for the mention.

  2. Julio from NY said:

    What’s going on at Farpoint now?! You guys were mentioning that it was in a funk or sumthing. And who’s this guy that said some inflammatory things about podcasting?? Please don’t keep me in the dark =-(

  3. George Hrab said:

    Ummm… gents?

    I’m sure that you guys were being distracted by some beautifully shot footage of Bear needlessly SPRINTING down a scenic vista (filmed by two camera guys, a boom mic operator, a focus puller, two helicopters, and craft service waiters… AND it was probably the FOURTH TAKE by the way…) but I never called Mr. G a pussy. I said that he was MORE of a pussy than Les Stroud. Slight difference, but a difference nonetheless. I am quite sure that Colonel Gryls could beat the living snot out of me sixteen ways to Sunday. I was making a COMPARATIVE and QUALITATIVE assessment of his value as a SURVIVAL TYPE SHOW persona, and not a PERSONAL judgement of his pussiness.

    AND by the way Prof. Morris… isn’t it interesting that the christian resorts to telling this Atheist that my head is up my ass. Nice.

    Book of Prostate, Chapter 1 verse 9:
    And yea did they disagree, so sing they did of colonic introspection. And the lord smote with all due haste.

    …love the ‘cast by the way.


  4. Tee Morris said:

    Okay, Athiest Boy…you brought this on yourself…

    It’s on!

    ( ;^) This is gonna be fun… )

  5. Lin said:

    Great music. Great conversation. Wish we had pictures of “the gift.”

    Thanks once again for mentioning Serve It Cold.

    Check out my new site….The Writer’s Wife — it is about “better or worse,” right?! More coming soon! (:-))