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Episode 13 – Techno Testostacast 2 – With: Mike Steward

January 24th, 2006 by pfischer

Techno Testostacast 2 – With:
Paul Fischer and Mike Steward

  • We talk about Mac World and CES.
  • Talking about Mike’s girlfriend.
  • When she’s done studying, Mike needs to be right at her side.
  • After the Podcast, Mike is taking her to Tiffany’s.
  • Paul’s “Shit Transferral Service” business

  • CES was boring.
  • Paul liked the Sony electronic paper book reader. But Paul hates Sony.
  • Some of the reasons and products why Paul hates Sony.
  • Mike talks about a new projection TV from Sony that he loves.
  • Mike thinks you should only buy Sony products from their core competency.
  • Mac World:
  • Intel Mac released. [Old news]
  • If it’s not 1080p, Mike thinks it’s crap.
  • Mike doesn’t care about the applications that come with the hardware. Paul does.
  • The MacBook Pro will never play a 1080p native Blue Ray DVD.
  • There is more to the Mac than just the hardware.
  • Little things in early OS X drove Mike crazy.
  • Paul talks about why he doesn’t like Sprint PPC-6700 phone/PDA.
  • Paul’s massive problems with ActiveSync.
  • Mike trusts almost everyone with his information online. Paul is more selective.
  • Link to story quoted in Lawrence Lessig’s book: Free Culture. See Chapter 3. See massive amount of links on Jesse Jordan being sued by the RIAA.
  • ColdPlay CD with usage restrictions.
  • Mike wants better quality on pay-for music downloads.

Intro music composed by Audrey Fischer

Music: “You Always Come To Mind” by Bottomland.
Available at Amazon.com and Apple iTunes Music Store Feet of Clay

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5 responses about “Episode 13 – Techno Testostacast 2 – With: Mike Steward”

  1. HellZiggy said:

    The new site looks great! 🙂
    So what’s the deal with this show? You recorded it on the 14th and had an ADD moment and forgot to post it?


  2. pfischer said:

    I was on the road for work. I was planning to post it on Tuesday 1/17, but some nimrod at the hotel I was staying at must have been running Kazaa or some other file sharing program. The usual 100 Kbps of upload bandwidth disappeared and even net browsing was pitiful. No way I could upload the file, edit the old site by hand, and release the feed.
    So then I planned to release it Friday afternoon after getting off the plane. No such luck. I hit the ground at 3pm. I was in the BBQ shop by 4:15. Grabbed lunch around the corner from the office while picking up 6 lbs of BBQ for gaming group dinner (my turn) and a Kansas City Burnt Ends sandwich for myself. Then my boss calls. We’re having a conference call at 4:30.

    Wolfed down my food and joined the call as I drove home. The call mostly consisted of me acting like the engineer who rebuilt Air Force One. Management is loading the President on board and I’m holding a bag full of bolts yelling, “Wait! You need to figure out where these go before you use it.” As you can guess, management and the vendor were none too happy to realize that the support they assumed I was throwing their way was non existent.

    Got home around 5. Got off call around 6. By then, Martha had let me know she was being forced into emergency maintenance at work. We had a gaming weekend, so I put everything on hold and headed up to my gaming group in Frederick, MD. Gaming weekend was already somewhat ruined because of Martha’s maintenance and my scheduling error. I managed to schedule 2 hours of podcast recording with a guest, so I had to run home on Saturday to record. Tee Morris was in the studio. He’s such a great guest. And with all that going on, I figured I’d post on Monday. Ya!

    The cell phone I was testing for a vendor got left behind in Frederick (a.k.a. Fredneck). So I had to run an hour up north during Monday rush hour to pick it up. I managed to get some quality time talking art and web design with Da Ravyn. Then I drove home, cooked dinner for Martha and collapsed.

    Tuesday I finally managed to get the show posted. But I’m posting another one tomorrow. I have some queued up for my loyal listeners. I planned to release them during my business trip, but I think it was better not trying to fight lack of bandwidth. I also wanted to let my sweet Martha finish this new web site. We still have a lot of work to do on it, but I’m tired of hand editing the “punk ass place holder” website.

    You can’t believe how much toxic HTML code creeps in when you use 20+ programs to edit an HTML file over time. We’re still trying to get all the entries to work right.

    Thanks for the kind words. Normally I wouldn’t respond until the morning, but I have some insomnia. I’m also thinking this comment would make a great segment on the show. Now I’m wondering if I should submit this comment. Isn’t it amazing how the brain has no filters when you’ve got insomnia at 3:18am?


  3. hugh said:

    Nice! You might want to go in and edit the dates on old posts to better match reality.

  4. Martha said:

    But, Hugh, if we edit the dates we’ll have to do something about having a duplicate episode 10….

  5. HellZiggy said:

    You’re the math whiz, you could figure it out!