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Episode 14 – Testostacast 3 – With Eric Masiello

January 30th, 2006 by pfischer

Testostacast 3 – With guest Eric Masiello

  • Drink of the day: Decaf Coffee
  • Talking philosophically about relationships
  • $1 in the jar for hitting the mic or stand
  • Why you should never get a tattoo

  • Talking about personal responsibility
  • See a mental professional
  • We talk about our holiday experiences
  • College pledge hazing pranks and secret societies
  • How we celebrated New years
  • Denver Real Estate
  • Best of D.C. Party at the Hilton
  • Friends break up
  • Male infidelity
  • Busting on Bush’s phoney “Town Hall” meetings
  • Dumb chicks are good for sex
  • “No edits” podcasting
  • Picking up women is a solo sport. You can’t be your buddy’s wing-man
  • Don’t update your resume on Monster unless you want 5 calls and 10 emails a day
  • If you want someone to be interested in a job, leave some details
  • Music by Bottomland. “Prelude” and “And In”. Available at Amazon.com and Apple iTunes Music Store Feet of Clay
  • Theme music by Audrey Fischer.

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  1. The Real Eric Masiello said:

    Who is this impostor?!?!?