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Episode 15 – LaundryCast 5

February 8th, 2006 by pfischer

Episode 15 – Click to listen. Right Click and choose “Download Link” or “Save Target As” to download to your system.

Paul Fischer, Martha Holloway, and Sister-in-Law Julia “J.F.” Holloway.
Drinking Dominion Lager, Rubiana Wine, and H2O respectively.

  • Honeymooners Name That Tune episode
  • Julie’s once and future automobile. Julie’s stolen car turned up, right where she left it. Her license was expired to boot.
  • Julie gets a pass. She had been working for 42 hours.
  • Frank’s stolen car story. April 1 is a bad day to get your car stolen.
  • We hung out with Frank and Illona after Podcastercon. We talked about laundry. Does your spouse do your laundry? Do you do your spouse’s laundry?
  • In my family, one of your birthday presents at age 14 was a laundry basket.

  • My roommate Lou ruined most of my wardrobe while trying to help me.
  • More laundry crisis’s. Ruined wool and linen. Getting married to get your laundry done.
  • Julie worked in the boy’s dorm at college.
  • Don’t try to catch up if you’re late to a party. Booze will come out your nose.
  • Don McLean’s “American Pie” and “Starry Night”
  • Death to Madonna.
  • The code of “American Pie” can be found in Wikipedia.
  • Paul buys another mixer.
  • Another bad re-make and the death of The Spin Doctors.
  • Why Paul hate’s Madonna. But you have to give her credit for business and keeping an audience.
  • Cindi Lauper had a fantastic voice.
  • I’d love to play her “I drove all night” track, but I can’t afford it.
  • Send us email at addcast@gmail.com

This week’s middle music: “Wild World” by Me First and the Gimme Gimme’s.
This week’s ending music: “Podcast Star” by Jeff Oestreich.
Special thanks to Mike, Evo, Summer, and Joe at the Dragon Page AND Mark Forman at Getting a Leg Up.

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5 responses about “Episode 15 – LaundryCast 5”

  1. HellZiggy said:

    Hey Martha! Welcome back! Even without having the same last name I would have been able to tell that you & Julia are sisters because you sound a LOT alike. After two Testostocasts it was nice to get some estrogen back into the show. 🙂

    My stolen car story: husband was working night shifts and he parked the car in the parking ramp. When he came out in the morning it was gone. The ramp security was no help because it had been taken during the time when the arms were up and parking was free. The cameras were no help because only one camera actually recorded, and that one was even at the entrance & everything, but it had night-blindness problem. The way they had gotten the car was that we had to leave one of the doors unlocked because the lock would jam and my husband was dumb enough to leave a spare car key in the change tray

  2. HellZiggy said:

    oops. accidentally hit the tab key…

    so the thieves had the key to the car. We filed the report and all, but didn’t have much faith in the police. The one thing that gave us hope was that the plates were expired. I was going to renew the tabs…kept forgetting…insert ADD excuse. We figured that if nothing else, maybe if they were pulled over for expired tabs the theft report would come up when the cops ran the plates.

    Well, the next day we got a call from the cops that the car had been found on the side of the freeway out of gas. They told us where it had been towed to.

    We went to pick it up and even though it was our car and it had been stolen, we had to pay $80 to get it out of impound! And to add insult to injury, we also had to buy gas from them because it was empty.

    The cops didn’t really care about looking into it to possibly arrest anyone. There were finger prints ALL OVER the inside windows & windshield. The cops didn’t take ’em. The thief left a frickin’ bank deposit slip in the car!!! The cops didn’t care. *sigh*

    So we’ve gotten the car back, we’ve paid to get it out of impound. Fine. A month later I got the nasty “You haven’t paid your parking ticket and you’re going to jail!” letter.
    WTF? I look into it and see that not only were the tickets issued during the time that the car was reported stolen, they were on the same block as the address on the deposit slip that the cops didn’t care about. I got to take time off work to go down to argue my case of why I shouldn’t have to pay tickets when the car was not in my possession at the time. The guy almost made me pay them because the tabs were expired regardless. My counter-arguement was that the ticket was for parking on a city street with expired tabs. I hadn’t done it. It had been parked on private property.

    More advice to go along with “Don’t try to catch up if you’re late to a party. Booze will come out your nose.”
    “Don’t match your alcoholic friend beer for beer all night or you’ll end up puking in a Perkins bathroom.”

    Paul, you send the Arizona boys steaks and they return the favor by convincing you to spend more money? I think you should see if Michael’s getting a commission on any mixer that he talks you into buying.

    Anyway, great show. Nice to have the women in studio!


  3. Brooklyn Bluesman said:

    Hey Bubba,
    One good turn… you know the drill.

  4. pfischer said:


    Thanks for the kind words as always. We appreciate the feedback.

    Mike tried to get me to buy something new yesterday. It’s hardware that does what I’m trying to do in software. I think I may finally have built up a resistance to the Mennenga Effect.


  5. HellZiggy said:


    If he tries to get you to buy Killer Bunnies though, listen to him! It really is a fun game.

    You should definitely appreciate what I saw last week… I walked out the door at work and not more than 10-12 feet in front of me flew a red-tailed hawk! We’ve got a small man made pond right near the entrance & parking lot that has Mallards and Flying Vermin (aka Canada Geese) in it all year so when the bird flying first caught my eye I thought it was gonna be a duck. What a happy surprise! He even angled his body a bit so I got a clear view of that red tail!

    Two weeks until the MarsCon convention. I’m guessing y’all won’t be making it up to Minnesota for that?