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Episode 16 – TEE-tostacast with Tee Morris

February 15th, 2006 by Martha

Tonight’s Guest: Tee Morris
Tonights brewskis: Trader Joe’s Winter Double Bock – Bread in a bottle

The ADDcast is NOT a PSA cast
Podcasting for Dummies by Tee and Evo

Podcasting for Dummies (cont’d)

Curling podcasts — Who’d a thunk it? Wiffle Ball podcasts next?

Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy – a Tee Morris Podcast

Great Interviews: Rob Sawyer – Hugo/Nebula for “Hominids”
Dean of Canadian Science Fiction

Pimping your own offspring

detour: Balticon Podcast (and its effing long promo)
now new and improved, trim and fit (even down to 45 seconds)

Plugging your websites (a whole ‘nother kind o’ offspring)–
Pimping and whoring yourself shamelessly

The difference between audio streaming and podcasting

Podcasting is like TiVo for audio

Real TiVo and how cool it is

Tee has a woody for 24’s “Jack Bauer”
Paul is the master of TiVo secrets – See him juggle three programs simultaneously

Breaker One Nine
Keith DeCandido’s intestinal writing style

Tee is jealous of Keith, “The Steven King of media tie-in novels”
Paul worked his ass off on his book–no wonder Paul has no ass….

Which is harder: Writing in someone else’s world or reinventing the laws of physics on your own (oh, wait, my prejudice is showing)?

Getting it right (historical accuracy)

Letters of Marque – Hall pass of the English Channel (Le Manche for all you Francophiles)
Cop outs in writing
The Bonnie Bookaneer
Tee proves he can spell Letter of Marque (M a r q u mothereffing e)

Historical accuracy vs the story

Side trip: Why does everyone in a fantasy world have the same view of their world’s history?
Digression: The Da Vinci Code is FICTION, people!
Digressing further: Tee had so much fun the first time that he was born again. (But we digress.)

Why fantasy is more fun than historical accuracy at least where pirates are concerned

History is open to many interpretations

Henry VIII did what with cattle, Paul?

Tee displays his erudition regarding women’s hairstyles of the 1920’s
Wake up, wake up! There’s still more podcast!
Paul hits Tee on the religious thing

The Comparative Bible Nelson’s Electronic Bible Reference Library
Choosing the Bible that suits you vs Literalness of the Bible
Almost no one in the US has read the Aramaic originals
Misinterpretations abound in all translations
(Not to mention understanding a language 3000 years removed)

The Enlightened Born Again
Small but vocal minorities
Pat Robertson, Tee’s Christian Brother – You can choose your friends but not your family.
Paul dedicates the song to the vocal and humorless…but no song just yet!
The ADDcast is NOT a PMScast either
PPC – Pretty People Cylons

Tricia Helfer, Number Six
Grace Park, Boomer does Maxim

We love you!

Tonight’s Songs:
Dedicated to that small but vocal minority that pisses off Paul.
Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me by TISM (This is Serious Mum)
TISM discography. This TISM song has amazingly intelligent lyrics. If you don’t get the song, and why I love it, read the lyrics here.
First of May by Jonathan Coulton

Improved show notes by Martha.

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3 responses about “Episode 16 – TEE-tostacast with Tee Morris”

  1. Brooklyn Bluesman said:

    Should have bitchslapped that boy for making fun of ADD-how do you spell ADD by the way? When is TD0013 going to appear on ADD cast?

  2. hugh said:

    It’s spelled ADHD, actually. You know your piece, “Must Keep Thinking”? We can’t stop thinking. Also, we are the spacemen. TD0013 is no match for our geek-fu jedi mind tricks. These are not the boids you are luke in four. You want techno-darwinism on crystal meth? We’ve got your smutty charms right here, pal.

    Speaking of PSA’s, that cast should have come with a warning about operating dangerous equipment while listening. I was laughing my ass off while negotiating a twisty HOV exit ramp (in the maze of twisty exit ramps all different).

  3. pfischer said:

    TD0013 is many miles away from where we record. I might try to get him on Skype one day. We’ll see.

    Glad you loved the ‘sode. We live to make you laugh.