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Episode 19 – LaundryCast 6

March 19th, 2006 by pfischer

With Paul Fischer and Martha Holloway.

Paul and Martha
Red wine served in Venetian glass goblets in honor of Venetian Engineering
That is, if it works…
King Canute, Roman Emperor?, (Persian Emperor)
Anyway, the possible futility of beating back the tide
Paul grumbles about scope creep at work

Circle, 2″–>circle, 6″–>ellipse, 18″–>dodecahedrons, spheres, pyramids, triangles…
(Hey, what is this, an addcast? Remember ADD isn’t just Attention Deficit Disorder, it’s Mathematics!)
Ostrich eggs and monkeys
Paul requests our devoted listeners help him give RDHarHar his comeuppance
Venetian does not equate Venusian
Math joke: A physicist, a mathematician and a coffeepot.
Scope creep enters the 4th dimension
And we take a short break
Brave Men Run
Geek Fu Action Grip
Martha is not quite psychic
Paul’s allergies kick in; Martha is put on the spot
Puppies I have known
Rain & Raindrop and their numerous offspring
And then there were many cats
Diogenes or was that Demosthenes? Back when public speaking was a contact sport

The ancient Greeks and iPods
A brief moment of audio pleasure
Tonight’s wine: Lawrence J.
Bargetto, 1996, Wine Club Special Selection, Central Coast, CA,
Zinfandel (Red)
Storrs Winery (Paul’s favorite winery)
The Whiner and the Wino
The Jeweller and the Drooler

And now back to talking about our cats
The habits of toothless old cats
Feline living assistance services: milk consumption, finishing water glasses…
Sara single-handedly keeps the keyboard industry alive
Sara trains us to turn on the gas fireplace at her bidding–on a year-round schedule!
Canis sapiens?!??! Felis sapiens!
ADDcast Frappr map
Pith Helmet shareware for Safari
Our new logo (Thank you, Georgia!)
Creative commons 2.5 non commercial attribution required license
Where to find us: www.addcast.net
Another plea for suggestions for dealing with RDHarHar
Where to contact us: addcast@gmail.com
Our Cafe Press T-Shirts
Audrey Fischer
Dance Saterius Johnson Dance by Jonathan Coulton

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