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April 4th, 2006 by pfischer

Paul Fischer & Mike Steward
Triple A is out sick
Our Big Politics Show

  • If we agree it wouldn’t be any fun.
  • Mike – Fiscally conservative, socially liberal atheist
  • Paul – Fiscally conservative, nature loving, gun toting, Democrat
  • GUNS!
  • Arm “good” people
  • “Gun Control” seeks to take guns from average citizens
  • Paul’s off on a rant about the Virginia concealed weapons permit history and process.
  • There is a difference between getting all the info you need, and wasting people’s time.
  • Gun sale issues.
  • Paul invents a new word, jackhole.
  • Table top gun dealers.
  • Mike thinks it shady but it’s legal.
  • Washington, D.C. used to be the murder capital of the USA, even though guns are illegal.
  • The VA drivers license loophole.
  • You can build a gun at home if you want.
  • King Bush The Second – Threat or Menace.
  • Let’s invade IRAN.
  • Mike supports our invasion of Iraq.
  • Paul’s big problem was Afghanistan.
  • We never found Osama bin Laden. We’ve diverted the money needed to succeed in Afghanistan to Iraq. Now no one is paying attention to Afghanistan.
  • Saddam wasn’t coming to the USA. He wasn’t supporting terrorists.
  • Bush is not giving our Generals the troops they need to win in Iraq.
  • PROMO: Balticon Podcast
  • PROMO: Uplifter
  • The National Debt
  • Clinton left us with a cash surplus. Bush is spending irresponsibily.
  • Clinton getting us into Somolia.
  • Mike blames the Blackhawk Down incident on Clinton.
  • Mike hates Clinton.
  • Paul, “Bush is giving tax cuts and contracts to his buddies.”
  • Haliburton is robbing the citizens of the US.
  • Mike is more worried about the money going to a foreign company.
  • Bush’s buddies are the big corporations.
  • Bush’s multi-trillion dollar debt.
  • The real meaning of “Tax and Spend”. That’s how government works.
  • Paul, “George Bush is not part of ‘The Good’.”
  • If you’re going to pray, get off your ass and make an effort.
  • Paul wants us to let the suicide bombers kill each other. He’ll pay.
  • As much as we dislike Bush2, he is what we have.
  • Paul wants your help! How can we get the Democrats back in the game? SEND EMAIL!
  • MUD! And the slinging thereof.
  • The smearing of John Kerry.
  • The bottom line. Kerry went to Viet Nam. Bush didn’t.
  • I’m not pro-Kerry, but that doesn’t change the fact that he was smeared.

Opening Music by Audrey Fischer

Music by 7 Seconds of Love, First Drink of the Day

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