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Episode 21 – Tempest in the House

May 14th, 2006 by Martha

Paul Fischer Interviews Adolfo Lazo and Ariane Cap from Tempest


  • Life takes a left turn. And, if you had any doubt, Paul demonstrates just how scattered his attention can get as he rattles off all the guests and topics on our upcoming shows and all of our separate projects. Yep, I like to call it spinning plates….
  • Part 1 of the Tempest interviews
  • Adolfo Lazo Drummer
  • Arianna Kapp Bass Guitarist
  • Jammin’ Java
  • Very ADD interviews
  • Thank you for putting up with Paul
  • Ambient backnoise
  • Coming Soon! – Fathers of the podcast novel Scott Sigler, Tee Morris and Mark Jeffrey
  • Balticon 40 coming at the end of May, Hunt Valley, MD
  • Neil Gaiman shout out
  • Paul whines about how busy he is
  • Circle back to interview Leif and Patricia Sorbye
  • Mercedes Lackey GoH –> Serrated Edge
  • Celtic Explosion
  • High Energy Shows
  • Show notes and Arianna’s Blog

Adolfo Lazo:

  • Thank you for listening
  • Havanna dreamin’ –> Spain –> America at age 10 (now 44)
  • Family in California
  • Arrived with virtually nothing
  • Mom sang for the joy of it
  • Dad had no musical ability/rhythm
  • Brother very talented
  • Only rock and roll star in the family (full time musician part time handyman/carpenter)
  • Likes to change up what he’s doing
  • Tour through Spring to Fall then kick back for the holidays.
  • He’s a fisherman–lakes and quarries
  • Paul always in the wrong part of California for the California shows
  • Lake Temescal, Oakland CA
  • Catching trout
  • Love the band–16 17 years
  • Band, fishing, handyman
  • Playing drums since high school marching band (28 years)
  • Into art before he got into drumming then his interests just changed
  • Drum set at age 22
  • Dreamt as a kid separately of traveling and performing in a band and flying an F14
  • Well 2 out of 3 and loving those 2
  • Tempest has been a roller coaster ride–more a reflection of Adolfo’s doubts and shifts of interest
  • Like family–except that they manage to get along on cross country van trips for the most part
  • Not constantly on tour–they do get a break
  • 2 major tours/year for about 3-4 weeks at a time Midwest and East Coast
  • They get to go home enough
  • Arianna’s blog
  • the hair from short short to longer
  • last cut 9 months ago
  • Leif likes long hair (no surprise there)
  • Adolfo writes for solo release–album ~7 years ago
  • Nothing specifically for Tempest but he chimes in on arrangements

Break into Song: Whiskey in the Jar

Arianna Kapp:

  • 3 seasons with Tempest
  • Playing gigs close to home every weekend around the Oakland area
  • 2 tours/year
  • Full time Musician and always wanted to be.
  • Not an easy road to travel but the journey had been worth it
  • Also teaches
  • Workshops/private students/studio/side projects/performance coaching
  • Neurolinguistic Programming
  • Pushing through stage fright and helping others to get past that
  • Women seem to struggle to pick atypical instruments (like the bass guitar)
  • How to handle the instrument/be with the band
  • (Drum sound check)
  • Not about being the only female band member but being a band member
  • Would like to create a situation where women aren’t as rare a breed as they are now
  • Started music at age 5 picked up bass at 21
  • Was keyboardist and took up the bass when her band lost their bass player

Break into Song: William Kidd

  • Paul goes all fanboy on the band.
  • Thank you to everyone in the band and an especial thanks this episode goes to Adolfo and Arianna
  • Creative Commons 2.5 (Tempest’s music copyrighted under Tempest and Magna Carta records played by permission.)
  • Break into Song: Dance of the Sand Witches (or as Paul first heard it Dance of the Sandwiches)
  • Links to photos from past a Tempest show at Jammin’ Java
  • And remember, you control the response.

WE HAVE VOICEMAIL NOW. CALL 206 202 4ADD (4233) Sending a prize to our first caller…

All Music by Tempest. With permission from Magna Carta Records. Tempest also has a web page at Magna Carta. All music is copyrighted and NOT creative commons.

Tempest’s music is available at Amazon.com.

Tempest is:

LIEF SORBYE – lead vocals, mandolins, octave mandolas, harmonica, flute, bodhran, tambourine
MICHAEL MULLEN – fiddle, viola, harmony vocals
RONAN CARROLL – guitars, harmony vocals
ARIANE CAP – bass, harmony vocals

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