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ADD Cast 053 – Xmas Past

January 3rd, 2008 by pfischer

Martha & Paul, Heather & Marc

Xmas wrapup

Jared Axelrod’s Avante-Garde Dinner

Slice of Soup

Cocktail of Pot Roast with Cranberry sauce

Recovering from the cookie disaster

Marc and Heather’s Xmas

PROMO: Nocturnal by Scott Sigler

PROMO: Better Late Than Never

We spent several hours with MAinPA over Xmas

MAinPA and Leann Mabry will be doing a panel called, “Don’t be that guy” at Balticon

How to not be creepy, with the hot women of podcasting

What women want from men, by Heather. The 2 minute version.

I will suck the love out of you!

Heroes Season One: Major Spoilers

Sylar should have died at least 3 times

Paul doesn’t buy the cheap way they let him live

They work so hard to make all the situations work, except when people leave the bad guy alive

The writers didn’t put enough effort into leaving Sylar alive when the characters in the scene should have killed him

Sylar’s regeneration powers haven’t been completely defined

We think the writers paid too much attention to the fans. Sylar was kept alive because the fans on the ‘net wanted it.

Better ways to handle Sylar’s survival

We’re passionate about wanting to fix it because it’s so good and we love it so much

How Neil Gaiman handled a similar situation in Anansi Boys. Anansi Boys audio book was written for and read by British comedian Lenny Henry.

Sylar needs to die

MUSIC: Coed Naked Drunk Christmas Shopping by Beatnik Turtle

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