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Paul Joins Dani on Truth Seekers Podcast to Talk Guns

April 29th, 2008 by pfischer

*Opening: Tim Robbins Keynote Address Clip
*There’s some sort of election going on, right?
Democracy Now
Mic Check Radio
AZ Central
New York Times
*Promo: On The Podcast
*There’s some sort of election going on, right?
*Why should Clinton quit? Well, she shouldn’t.
*Here’s a question for ya.. and yes, it is about gender.
*The big damn gun interview- finally!
*All right, more of a chat, really…
*Paul Fischer visits the spiderhole
*ADD Cast
*Balticon Cast
*Wildlife Photos
*What I’ve Been Listening To:
-Democracy Now on paid military analysts
-CBC Ideas on Excuses
Metamor City
Chasing The Bard
-Voicemail(s) from Andy
-enjoy my new outtro- well, it’s the same, but now it has bed music!
-keep listening… you might hear something else! 😉

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