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Episode 2 – LaundryCast 2

January 15th, 2006 by Martha

  • Welcome to the Paul and Martha World
  • A night of firsts!
    • First Podcast for Martha
    • First BEERcast

  • I don’t drink alone.
  • ADDcast on hiatus. Been working on the Balticon Podcasts
  • LaundryCast Number 2. Clean clothes, a beer, and a Podcast.
  • ADD Drugs
  • Non-stim Strattera
    • Still getting used to the side effects
    • There are about 7 gazillion of them and I got most of that at one time or another
    • Paul has morning sickness
    • Insomnia
  • Coffee from Heavenly Hawaiian Farms Coffee
  • The Dawn and Drew Show
  • Jonathan Coulton’s music
  • Bathroom refurbishing
    • One contractor come and gone
    • Lots of stuff bought
    • No work actually done
    • Expensive bathroom shit. $2000 just for a sink bowl. Who can afford this shit?
    • Reico Kitchen and Bath, no actual quote received after several weeks, visits, and calls.
    • Manufactured stone counter tops
  • Toilet Trees
  • The F Bomb
  • Saved by New York Lou, The Architect
    • Got the vanity at Home Depot, for way less than what Reico wanted.
    • He ripped up his house, one room at a time, and refurbished it while they were living there.
    • He does awesome work.
    • He lives in a sitcom, his in-laws live downstairs in the basement apartment.
    • He’s been working on it evenings and weekends for years.
    • S.I.T.C.O.M. – Single Income, Two Children, Oppressive Mortgage
  • Martha takes my beer
  • Hurricane Katrina Stories
    • I was born a poor black child
    • Martha has college friends and relatives in the effected areas
    • Barry tries to commit suicide by tree. But on the lighter side, Ron and Lin have a new skylight.
    • Patti’s house is still in good shape
  • Teaching old people to use cell phones
  • Pants calls from my father
  • Dauphin Island
    • 10% of the houses on the west end of Dauphin Island are still standing.
    • Gotta love the Ship and Shore
    • The Cow and Bean
      • Buy some soy milk
    • The Lighthouse Bakery
  • Help the victims of Hurricane Katrina
    • Donate
      • Money
    • Barking Spiders
    • Martha loads the dryer
    • Paul says, “Y’all”
      • My Southern accent sucks
    • The video clip will be in the Podcast feed next week.
      • I’ll put some pictures here for you to see
    • SEND EMAIL win a prize
      • RCA Cable, Ethernet Cables, Power Cables
      • ADDcast at gmail dot com (I write it this way to help prevent spam)
    • Jonathan Coulton’s – “First of May”
      • NSFW – Not Safe For Work

    Pictures from Scotland. For more photos from Scotland check out my website and click on the hawk.


    The clouds on the still waters of Loch Katrine formed fractal paisley patterns as the steamship moved through.


    Martha at the falconry lesson in Ayr.


    Paul gets to hold Jessica the Iranian Eagle Owl.


    Martha contemplates the water race that feeds into Loch Katrine.


    Paul poses with “The Beast (TM)” at the monument by the water race.


    Stirling Castle from Kings Park in Stirling, Scotland.

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