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ADD Cast 037 – 2 Year Anniversary

May 13th, 2007 by pfischer

The biggest party yet! Piled into the studio are Mr. & Mrs. Phil Rossi (and in-utero Rossi), Marc and Heather, and Paul & Martha.

  • 2 years on the pod
  • Just what is sorghum anyway? Library paste?
  • Heather has a job interview while Paul talks about his beer
  • Phil is sharing a bed with Tee Morris and Jack Mangan at Balticon
  • The Balticon Graphic Novel Project based on Comic Life
  • PROMO: Ziggurat Con
  • More about Ravencon
  • Show restart?
  • Phil drops hint one about Crescent: Music
  • Concervation of Original Thought: The theory from Dave Weinstein (not to be confused with Dave Winer)
  • Dave Winer backed out of PodcasterCon 2006 for bizarre reasons
  • PROMO: Aliens You Will Meet
  • Music for Serve It Cold will likely be from Michelle Malone
  • The belly wave
  • PROMO: Crescent
  • Drive killed after 2 episodes, Nathan Fillion humped again by Fox
  • Heather has a man crush on Nathan Fillion
  • 3 beers and Phil shamelessly promotes
  • Phil: The amazing 5 minute love machine
  • 4 beers and Phil…
  • Phil drops hint 2: Crescent Beer?
  • Jen’s father survives without water
  • Is Phil the Christian Slater of Podcasting?
  • The group sign off
  • MUSIC: Michelle Malone, Rooster 44
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    5 responses about “ADD Cast 037 – 2 Year Anniversary”

    1. Jessiefromstl said:

      Is it just me or does the episode end in the middle with no warning?

    2. pfischer said:


      Thanks for listening. I just listened to episode 37 again, and it plays all the way through.

      You may have had the file get cut off somewhere. I’m sure if you download it again you’ll get the whole thing. It ends on a Michelle Malone song.

      I hope you have the time to listen again and get the whole file on your next try.


    3. Jessiefromstl said:

      Opps! Looks like a case of operator error!

    4. Nobilis said:

      Hey, great show. I’ll definitely be subscribing.

      See you at Balticon!

    5. Phil Rossi said:

      We’re an entertaining lot. No two ways about that.