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ADD Cast 038 – Paul’s Pulled Pork Party 1

June 3rd, 2007 by pfischer

Guests include –


  • Tee is out of control
  • R.I.P. Carson Beckett
  • Paul McGillion
  • Balticon was loads of fun
  • Reminiscing on our first conventions
  • Freaky con attendees
  • Promo: Brave Men Run
  • It’s time to zap Tee
  • Wrangling 11 year old kids
  • Aging fandom
  • Wen Spencer’s Tinker
  • Nobilis’s family doesn’t watch TV
  • Animation snobbery
  • There were only 3 Star Wars movies
  • Blame the director
  • Lucas wants wind up actors
  • Paul blames Kate Capshaw for turning Lucas into a pussy
  • Music: ADD Lover by Beatnik Turtle

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2 responses about “ADD Cast 038 – Paul’s Pulled Pork Party 1”

  1. ComputerKing said:

    Elf Magic and Quantum Theory Physics?

    Go back to the Classics. One of the 2 books that drew me into SciFi was “Master of Space and Time” by Rudy Rucker.

    Read it. Quantum Physics, Wishes, Time Travel, Gender Confusion(?!), it’s all there.

    The other book was “Half Magic,” and it was fun, too. The 2 of them together can hook any kid on Science Fiction.

  2. First of May | Fun Anymore said:

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