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Martha and Paul Guest Host Popular Internet Video Show

November 5th, 2007 by pfischer

Lulu TV‘s hit Internet show, This Day in Alternate History (TDAH pronounced Ta-Dah!), was guest hosted on Sunday Nov 4 by your favorite podcast hosts Paul Fischer and Martha Holloway.

In this episode of TDAH, we report from the World Science Fiction Convention in Yokohama, Japan. If you’re a Godzilla fan, you can’t afford to miss this one. Great Godzilla questions will be answered, such as what kind of women he like, his favorite recreation, why he really stomps Tokyo, and who is true love is.

Watch it here!

TDAH is up for The Best Video Blog of 2007. Please vote to help our friends at TDAH continue their rise to fame and fortune.

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  1. videokl said:

    I am one of Lulu.tv fans and Martha Holloway.
    yeah I love most of Lulu.tv channel, hope they will served more quality channel in future.