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ADD Cast 062 – Mighty Mur and Vintage Jim

August 17th, 2008 by pfischer

This week the mighty Mur Lafferty and her beloved vintage Jim Van Verth join us to talk books, writing, publishing, and more.

  • Dogfish Head 90-minute IPA for Paul
  • Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout for Jim
  • Ravenswood Cabernet for Mur
  • Essential Mathematics for Games and Interactive Applications, Second Edition: A Programmer’s Guide at Amazon.com
  • It was funnier the first time
  • Mur’s first fiction novel is coming out from Swarm Press on 8/25
  • Playing for Keeps at Amazon.com
  • This week we experiment with asking questions from our followers on Twitter
  • PROMO: Astral Audio Experience
  • Jim’s Essential Math website
  • Favorite TV Shows: for Mur, The Office and for Jim The Closer. Together: Heroes or Battlestar Galactica
  • Heroes, feh
  • Favorite books from childhood
  • Dr. Horrible vs Playing for Keeps
  • The News from Poughkeepsie
  • The Piddler
  • The games Jim would bring back from obscurity if he could: Liubo, Shuanglu, and Magic Realm
  • MUSIC: Playing for Keeps by The Beatnik Turtle
  • PROMO: Playing For Keeps experience. Join us on 8/25 to help Mur make her run on Amazon.com

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ADD Cast 061 – Double! No Trouble

August 7th, 2008 by pfischer

The force of nature known as Tee Morris and the irrepressible Philippa “The Killer Librarian” Ballantine join us for their last and best Double Trouble interview. Martha and I interview Tee and Pip about writing, life, and all sorts of things.

  • Beverage roundup
  • Black Adder
  • Quantum Leap
  • Don’t mess with the librarians
  • PROMO: Christiana’s Shallow Thoughts
  • PROMO: I Should Be Writing
  • Cataloging duels of librarians
  • Fear the weeding policy
  • Kitties!
  • I AM Survivor Dad!
  • “The dark goddess must dine on tears!”
  • PROMO: Metamor City
  • PROMO: Reality Break
  • Tee Morris in a barrel
  • Double Trouble (links galore)
  • Free PDFs have over 50,000 downloads!
  • Why haven’t they been Boing Boing‘d?
  • Don’t whine Tee
  • If you want me to post your PDFs you have to ask me
  • If you’re going to buy, please do so on 8/8/08 on Amazon.com
  • Getting voice parts for future podcasts of Digital Magic and Pitcher’s Pendant
  • Tee and Pip talk about the plots of their upcoming books
  • Pip and Tee trapped in the same body
  • Erotica a la Carte
  • Tee will be organizing live events at Balticon 43
  • MUSIC: Girls, Skirts, Boots, Bikes by The Buck Brothers

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ADDCast 060 – Obsidian Morris

August 2nd, 2008 by pfischer

Tee Morris joins us for snails and and impromptu review of 7th Son Obsidian.

All Books available from Amazon.com


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Tea and Chat 13 with Dancing Cat Studios

July 28th, 2008 by pfischer

Ronnie Blackwell, Lin Harper, Martha Holloway, and Paul Fischer join Stephen Kilbride on a great episode of Tea and Chat.

We discuss writing, podcasting, producing audio books, and Ronnie’s newly released novel Spite.

Spite: By Ronnie Blackwell

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The Future and A.D.D.

May 19th, 2008 by pfischer

Paul got interviewed on Stephen Euin Cobb’s awesome podcast, The Future and You.

We talk about Balticon, public safety, wireless broadband, attention deficit disorder, and much more.

Recorded at RavenCon.

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Paul Joins Dani on Truth Seekers Podcast to Talk Guns

April 29th, 2008 by pfischer

*Opening: Tim Robbins Keynote Address Clip
*There’s some sort of election going on, right?
Democracy Now
Mic Check Radio
AZ Central
New York Times
*Promo: On The Podcast
*There’s some sort of election going on, right?
*Why should Clinton quit? Well, she shouldn’t.
*Here’s a question for ya.. and yes, it is about gender.
*The big damn gun interview- finally!
*All right, more of a chat, really…
*Paul Fischer visits the spiderhole
*ADD Cast
*Balticon Cast
*Wildlife Photos
*What I’ve Been Listening To:
-Democracy Now on paid military analysts
-CBC Ideas on Excuses
Metamor City
Chasing The Bard
-Voicemail(s) from Andy
-enjoy my new outtro- well, it’s the same, but now it has bed music!
-keep listening… you might hear something else! 😉

email: tsdiva@gmail.com
voicemail: 206-337-1026
forum: http://truthseekerscast.ning.com

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ADD Cast 052 – NaNoWriMo Fin

December 18th, 2007 by pfischer

Our Last word on NaNoWriMo.

Interview with Joe Mieczkowski

Story segment from Joe Mieczkowski

Story Segment from Jayanth “Jay” Paraki, his movie, his bio

Commentary from Tracy Hickman

PROMO: I Should Be Writing

PROMO: Killer Breakfast

PROMO: Playing for Keeps

MUSIC: Write About Me, by Jeff Coffey

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ADD Cast 050 – NaNoWriMo and NaDruWriNi

November 13th, 2007 by pfischer

Our star packed NaNoWriMo ( National Novel Writing Month ) and NaDruWriNi ( National Drunk Writing Night ) episode. Guest stars Tracy Hickman and Nuri Steinhauer.

  • Sweetie
  • Tracy Hickman’s thought provoking positions on NaNoWriMo
  • It’s not about getting published, it’s about getting read
  • The mystical powers of Mur Lafferty (is she the cause of our Skype problems)
  • Tracy is a big fan of Mur’s
  • Read the rest of this entry »

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Martha and Paul Guest Host Popular Internet Video Show

November 5th, 2007 by pfischer

Lulu TV‘s hit Internet show, This Day in Alternate History (TDAH pronounced Ta-Dah!), was guest hosted on Sunday Nov 4 by your favorite podcast hosts Paul Fischer and Martha Holloway.

In this episode of TDAH, we report from the World Science Fiction Convention in Yokohama, Japan. If you’re a Godzilla fan, you can’t afford to miss this one. Great Godzilla questions will be answered, such as what kind of women he like, his favorite recreation, why he really stomps Tokyo, and who is true love is.

Watch it here!

TDAH is up for The Best Video Blog of 2007. Please vote to help our friends at TDAH continue their rise to fame and fortune.

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ADD Cast 040 – Interview with Moanin’ Michelle Malone

June 12th, 2007 by pfischer

Paul interviews inde blues-rock artist Michelle Malone

Michelle will be playing Jammin Java on July 11, 2007. Tickets Here!

Michelle’s music is featured on our new Podiobook Serve It Cold

Michelle’s experience with podcasters

Michelle’s views on Creative Commons

SONG: Tighten Up The Springs

What do her songs really mean? Personal interpretations vs what Michelle wrote it about

Michelle’s Schedule

Michelle’s music is available on CD BABY and Amazon.com

SONG: Winter Muscadine

Michelle Malone

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