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ADD Cast 051 – Saint Fu

December 9th, 2007 by pfischer

Paul, Martha, Tee, Heather, and Marc

Saint Fu (St. Fu)

Old computer games and beer – Bard’s Tail beer, Pong beer, Mech Warrior beer, 7th Son Beer, ADD Cast Beer

The Dogfish Head Alehouse end of year beer tasting

PROMO: Playing For Keeps

PROMO: Asian Variations, a free downloadable music CD

Fox, Futurama, Bender’s Big Score, Commitment, Avenue Q, Muppet sex, High School reunions, Heather’s new doo

Playing for Keeps from Mur Lafferty

Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon

Twitter – Tribe chat room, micro blog, and more

Scott Sigler hasn’t killed me yet!

JR Blackwell has gone indy! She’s quit her pink collar job and she doing some awesome photography.

We’re all just back from seeing Phil Rossi and his family

MUSIC: Black Motorcycle Boots, by Michelle Malone

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5 responses about “ADD Cast 051 – Saint Fu”

  1. Scott Sigler said:

    BE PATIENT! Death comes not-so-quickly to those who watch a watched pot boil. Or something like that.

  2. admin said:

    Darn, that was me coming off the roof. At least I’m not monster chow.

  3. J.R. Blackwell said:

    This made me feel all warm inside. You all made my day.

  4. Scott Sigler said:

    What the hell are you talking about? Your ass died in Episode #5, posted on November 26, 2007.

  5. admin said:

    My ass is dead, but the rest of me lives on! Ha!

    No, I was behind when we recorded this. I think I actually died in episode 4, but you didn’t name me until ep 5. I had hope it was someone else.