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ADD Cast 34 – Back at Imagine That Studios

March 24th, 2007 by pfischer

From Imagine That Studios!

  • Back at Tee Morris’s Place
  • Get the firewire mixer
  • Back to the beer. I didn’t have problems with Kirin. Tee’s drinking Brooklyn Brewery’s Black Chocolate Stout. Martha is sick, so she’s being quite. No beer for the sick.
  • Tea is from Teavana (We love Teavana)
  • Tee’s trip out to Phoenix to visit Joe Murphy. Joe was having a good run, but this morning’s news from AZ says he’s only got a little time left. Tee was Joe’s cancer bitch.
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Scott Sigler’s Monday Bloody Monday

March 19th, 2007 by pfischer

What’s this? Something free from our friend Scott Sigler? Can it be true?

Most certainly, it’s 100% true.

Podiobook author, and friend of the show, Scott Sigler is giving away his print novel Ancestor. It is free to download now. Just click on the picture below. We’ve all thrilled to Scott’s podiobook novels, Earthcore, Ancestor, Infection, and The Rookie. Now you get to have this one for free.

All Scott asks, is that if you like the book, you buy it. He’s taking a cue from author and free culture advocate Cory Doctorow and hoping when more people read the book more people will buy it.

Ancestor is going on sale April 1. Scott wants everyone to jump on Amazon.com at Noon Pacific time and order their copy. He’s hoping to make it to Amazon’s #1 book, if everyone buys at once.

Click on the picture below and read Ancestor at home.

Scott Sigler's Ancestor

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ADD Cast 32 – Mark and Heather join us in the studio

February 14th, 2007 by pfischer

From Vienna, VA!

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ADD Cast 31 – Interview with J.R. Blackwell and Essay: “Friends, Changing, and Time”

February 1st, 2007 by pfischer

From Raleigh NC and The Brooklyn Bridge Marriott!

    Segment 1

  • from Raleigh, NC Friday morning
  • Pressing breasts against Paul’s head
  • Dinner with Mur, Jim, and Fiona Wed night
  • Norovirus attack Thursday morning
  • Martha is flying down Friday night
  • The folks in NC are really excellent
  • Joe Murphy is in surgery as I’m recording
  • Call Joe and wish him well. The number is 206-202-5179. It will only take you a few minutes.
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ADD Cast Number 29 – Imagine That Studios – Part 2

December 15th, 2006 by pfischer

The joy of a quiet studio!

Check out the video of what Tee really did with that beer bottle here.

No notes today. No time.

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Best Winging It Podcast EVER!

September 6th, 2006 by pfischer

I’ll say this one time, and one time only (on 3 f**k**g blogs). Michael and Evo have released their absolute BEST Winging It Podcast EVER!

This is a must listen.

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Dragon*Con 2006 Photos online

September 5th, 2006 by pfischer

Here they are. If you know the names of some of the missing people, email me.

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ID3 Tagger by Paul Fischer

July 8th, 2006 by pfischer

I have created a simple ID3 Tag editor in Automator.

It’s Mac OS X only. You need Automator and iTunes.

It sets many common ID3 tags in your MP3 files automatically.

It’s Free. Enjoy it.

ID3 Tagger by Paul Fischer

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