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Episode 5 – TrioCast 1

January 15th, 2006 by Martha

Another short one I’m afraid.

  • But this time Martha and Beth Underkoffler join me in the new studio.
  • Back from my three city tour and well rested.
  • No beer today. However the laundry is churning in the basement.
  • The new studio is upstairs so hopefully you won’t be able to hear the dryer in the background.
  • Marketing. Shameless Marketing. And flogging the hell out of your creations…
  • We talk about our friend Ron Blackwell’s first book.

This week’s track, Feet of Clay Feet of Clay (The track name shows up as “Clay” in iTMS, but the real track name is “Feet of Clay”), is from Bottomland.
But I would have played some Jonathan Coulton if I weren’t playing Bottomland.

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