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Episode 6 – TestostaCast 1

January 16th, 2006 by Martha

This episode is totally loaded with Testosterone. Almost an hour long with Eric Masiello.

  • The food coma episode.
  • We talk about God, religion, the Mormon Church, and death insurance.
  • Things to do just to freak people out:
    • Men in diapers.
    • Men in bra’s and panties

  • The Pimp’s and Ho’s party in Las Vegas.
  • Zoot Suits.
  • Pissing off right wing whack jobs:
    • They get off on stopping people from getting off.
    • Killing is OK, in the name of politics. But no one should have fun sex.
  • Drunk/Stoned people are fun to mess with. Actually, most people are fun to mess with.
  • We import our lower class people into America. But we don’t complain because we’re pretty high on the food chain.
  • Auctioning off Eric to a single woman.
  • We get into talking about online dating through match.com and other sites.
  • Don’t lie about yourself online, people. Eventually, you will have to meet face to face.
  • Match.com hates married people.
  • Adding to Paul’s list of “First up against the wall when the revolution comes.” This week’s addition is “bad programmers”.
  • Sushi burps!
  • Eric has met 7 women through match.com.
  • Paul’s equation for getting laid.

This week’s track, Breakwater Feet of Clay, is from Bottomland.

Click a picture to see it large.


My camera flew over Corpus Christi and all I got were some awesome pictures. Whaaaaaa! Poor me! Seriously, I was working out at the CC airport configuring wireless network nodes. I was working in space operated by an aerial photography company. They were all film, and I wanted to see what my 8.3 mega pixel digital SLR could do. So I loaned it to them. They got some awesome pictures and even blew them up to 24″ x 36″ prints. Now they’re buying a Canon 20D too!


South Padre Island was a bust. No good birding sites, but the local ornithologist park ranger gave me some excellent pointers to great birding spots. On my way to the closest one, I saw thes two hawks hanging out on a telephone pole.


Life Bird Alert! I never saw a Scissor Tailed Fly Catcher before this one. That’s what birder’s call a life bird. Now I can add it to my life list, and I have the proof in pixels.


White Ibis in flight. i remember reading “The Scarlet Ibis” in school. I always wondered what it looked like, but no one could tell me or show me a picture. Well, this isn’t a picture of one, but it is two White Ibis in flight.

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